Have you tried VoiceThread?

After listening to Vanessa’s VoiceThread on our Community Observation Paper, I decided to register for VoiceThread.

It’s an interesting tool for teaching and learning because listeners can give comments via the telephone, record a video comment, type or even upload an audio comment.

Here‘s a video about VoiceThread and some examples on how to use it.



Twitter as a learning tool


Honestly, I neither think nor see how Twitter can really help teaching and learning activities in schools. However, while reading my Tweeter feed, I found this inspiring blog of a Grade 1 teacher named Kristen Wideen from Canada that encourages the use of social media in her classroom. She shared some examples of how to use Twitter in literacy, math, and science. It’s interesting to see how a teacher can integrate the use of Twitter with Grade 1 students! I know some people don’t agree with early exposure of social media with children. But, perhaps early introduction of social media tools can help children experience the advantages of the tools as well as become aware of the ‘danger’ of it.


One of the teacher’s example that I really like is how she uses Karen Lirenman’s #MathStory to encourage her student to create and post math problems for other students to answer. Read more here

Here’s her recent blog post on Using Social Media as Teaching Tool.

Let’s check it out!