How to use Wordle in classroom?

Vreed17 shared 40 interesting ways to use Wordle in the classroom on slideshare. Check it out! 

I think I can apply #39 tips, which is to reflect what I’ve written on this blog for themes or pattern. Here’s my word cloud created from Wordle:



I obviously love Facebook 😛 

How about you? How do or would you use tags cloud in your classroom? Do you think tags cloud can be a tool for learning? 


Infographic: Popular Educational Twitter Hashtags

twitter final 2
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I believe the #elearning and #mlearning is two very common use of hashtags related to the technology category among the hastags used on Twitter. However, I’m surprised to see the #bullying is also popular. Do you think this mirrors the problem of bullying in schools?

How about #homeschool? Is it common in the States? As far as I know, it is not common in Malaysia.

Have you tried searching for something on Twitter by using any of these popular hashtags?

Leave me a comment! 🙂