Qualitative Research Method Support Group

Hello eme6414!

I’ve created a group on Diigo to support learning and conducting qualitative research method. Here’s the link.

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I created the group on Diigo because I personally love to use Diigo as my personal cloud-based library and will continue to collect and share information with the group that I’ve created. Moreover, there are features such as highlights, sticky notes, comment, like button, and create a topic that I believe will promote participation, interaction, and contribution among members.

Come join me and contribute!


3 classroom activities by using Diigo

In my previous post, I shared my preferences towards Diigo as my social bookmarking tool.

Now, I would like to share 3 activities in a chronological order that you can do with Diigo in the classroom. The idea comes from this post about Why teachers should use Diigo, which I also shared in my post here.

Activity #1: Create a private group for your students to work within. You can share websites, images, online articles and other media with your student specifically for a certain topic with tags.

Activity #2: Ask your students to analyze the bookmarked websites or online articles by using the highlight and sticky notes features. You and your students can interact with each other by commenting the pages with the sticky notes feature. You can also left provoking questions or objective in the sticky notes to facilitate learning.

Activity #3: Ask your students to share what they came up with WebSlides, which provide visual access to websites they have collected. You can also shared yours, earlier at the beginning of the lesson as a model of the final product that students need to present after the lesson.

Any other ideas of using Diigo?

It is not Delicious!

Have you tried Delicious? It’s similar to Diigo where you can bookmark pages and share with others, publish your bookmarks to your blog automatically, tagging, and follow bookmarks from your network. 

But, I really loved using Diigo not only for social bookmarking but also the features of highlighting with Diigo really makes it AMAZING! Have you bookmarked a page and when you open it later after a while, you forgot the reason you bookmarked the page? Well, you can just highlight any important words/quotes from the page and easily refer it when you open the page again.

Or you can add your annotation with the sticky notes feature! Cool! You can’t do that with Delicious – making it bland 😛 

Another thing that I liked using Diigo than Delicious because I can install the Diigo extension on my browser and making it a lot easier to bookmarked any pages. Although Delicious also has an extension on my browser, it will only direct me to my Delicious account once I clicked it. 

So, what do you think of Diigo and Delicious? 


How to use social media for formal learning

Hello EME 6414!

I would like to share some ideas to use social media in educational context. All the links will direct you to the original post. I gathered these links from my Tweets and RT. I hope it will be helpful for the instructional design assignment 🙂


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How to use Pinterest in education

How to use Skype in the classroom

Why you should use Diigo  

And don’t forget how to use Wordle in the classroom in my last post here.

Any other suggestions?