It is not Delicious!

Have you tried Delicious? It’s similar to Diigo where you can bookmark pages and share with others, publish your bookmarks to your blog automatically, tagging, and follow bookmarks from your network. 

But, I really loved using Diigo not only for social bookmarking but also the features of highlighting with Diigo really makes it AMAZING! Have you bookmarked a page and when you open it later after a while, you forgot the reason you bookmarked the page? Well, you can just highlight any important words/quotes from the page and easily refer it when you open the page again.

Or you can add your annotation with the sticky notes feature! Cool! You can’t do that with Delicious – making it bland 😛 

Another thing that I liked using Diigo than Delicious because I can install the Diigo extension on my browser and making it a lot easier to bookmarked any pages. Although Delicious also has an extension on my browser, it will only direct me to my Delicious account once I clicked it. 

So, what do you think of Diigo and Delicious?