Looking back…

Hello eme6414!

It has been a wonderful semester learning with all of you! Despite taking three summer courses that are very tiring, I really enjoy my summer!

I’ve read awesome blog posts and thank you for sharing your final reflections of this class 🙂

One of the topics that I think really affects me is about the copyrights and IP. Now, I try to only use images from the Web that have CC licenses that enable me to use it with proper attribution. I also hope that I can share my knowledge and awareness on this topic in my future working environment.

Moreover, we’ve explored many tools in this class and I would say that I really enjoy and will continue to use Diigo, and Twitter. Moreover, I think I will also use Scoop.it, Slideshare, Voicethread, Wikispaces, Learnist, and Edmodo for the right purpose when the time comes. Maybe I’ll continue blogging at my old blog or continue blogging at this site … if I have the time and energy! I think lots of my energy spent on my (almost) 9 months young daughter! lol

Other than the tools that I’ve explored, I believe this class inspired me to explore more tools out there and most of all, I love that the assignments of this class reflect the spirits of Web 2.0, which I hope that I can apply when I design and teach in the future 🙂

Best of luck and I hope we’ll “meet” again!




7 thoughts on “Looking back…

  1. You make a great point about IP and copyrights! I think many of us were focused on the Web 2.0 tools, but the information we covered on IP was also very valuable. I am going to be extra sensitive to the information I share and pass around in the future. Hopefully you will soon get a break and be able to spend time with your new daughter. Good luck and enjoy the rest of your summer! 🙂

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