How do you use YouTube as a teaching and learning tool?

I would like to share a funny and interesting YouTube video by a professor at Biola University. I think the video is also inspiring on how to get your students’ attention or as induction of a certain topic. In the video, he is going to teach about complex numbers, which have a real part and an imaginary part and also related to the video that he is showing 🙂

So, I can see that I can use YouTube videos to learn great ideas from other teachers on teaching and learning.

I also subscribed to the YouTube Education channel to get ideas or videos to share with students. I also can share YouTube videos as an induction or during the lesson and get my students’ attention or provoke questions.

But, how can I really use YouTube not as a stand-alone video? Ask my students to create and share their reflection of activities on YouTube? Record their science experiments and upload it to YouTube? What do you think on how to use YouTube as a teaching and learning tool?

Any other ideas or experience on how to use YouTube in the classroom? Any issues or concerns? Please leave me comments and ideas! Thanks!


4 thoughts on “How do you use YouTube as a teaching and learning tool?

  1. I know I have had instructors in the past that allow for different segments in their one YouTube video. Information will be presented, a question will be asked, then the instructor pauses it to have the class talk about their ideas and answers. Compiling videos and questions into one (I think you might be able to do this with Popcorn Maker- but not sure if you have the time for that) would be a fun tool that’s interactive. Otherwise, many videos, tied together would be impactful as well!
    I love when videos are incorporated into lessons!!!

    • I also like watching videos incorporated into lessons, especially in the middle of the class session to get my attention back 🙂 thanks for the comment!

  2. I think having students create videos about their reflections and ideas is a great way to get them engaged in school work. However, I am not sure how parents would take the idea of their kids being on youtube. That might be a setback. Some parents can be very protective. I also think you can incorporate VoiceThread into youtube videos. It would be a great way to work with multiple tools while getting their points across. Is that even possible? to use both together? It would be a great tool 🙂

    • I think it is possible! I’m not sure how but I think it is possible to combine the tools. VT is an amazing tool! I like it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

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