Copyrights & IP Awareness

I think the copyrights and Intellectual Property (IP) awareness are low in my country. I think most of those who are interested or aware of the rights and IP are artists, photographers, and industrial companies. 

But, I’m surprised to know that there is a Malaysian Intellectual Property Association (MIPA) that was established in 1989! The organisation also held a MIPA’s National Intellectual Property Convention in May 2014. 

I believe it is also important to educate students and faculty members at higher education institution pertaining to copyrights and IP issues, instead of just focusing on plagiarism, which is also a related issue. 

6 thoughts on “Copyrights & IP Awareness

    • Thanks! I also think that Wordle is the best choice since other sites such as tagcrowd does not permit us to share the tags cloud elsewhere – we can only download and use it for personal view. I’ve visited your storify site. Excellent work! I’ll dig in further to give you some feedback 🙂

    • Great! Thanks for sharing the link! Interesting to know that our government have such organizations. Perhaps, a better public awareness are needed and conducted by these organization among student at schools and higher institutions.

  1. It’s interesting how different countries may treat and view IP. You mentioned most people who are concerned with IP are artists and photographers and I believe that category jumps into most people’s mind when discussing IP. However, I’m a consultant and IP is a huge issue for me and my company. Consultants make a living by possessing a certain skill and expertise and providing their services to clients in need of that skill. I spend a lot of time performing assessments and creating detailed plans such as communication and business transition plans. My work is protected intellectual property and it would cause me great harm if other consultants or companies used my detailed plans. I’m glad to hear that Malaysia has an organization to address this important issue.

    • Thanks for sharing you experience! I’m glad that Vanessa include the topics of copyrights and IP in our course because it make me realize the importance of it in my future work.

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