The photo saved…

The photo saved our daughter! In less than an hour, the photo was everywhere…You were more than thousands of people who shared the photo of this woman on social media. … Know that it was this that saved her, our little Victoria. Every click, every share made the difference,” McMahon wrote in a message thanking people for their support

Found this article from my Facebook feed. The power of people behind the tool! 

One thought on “The photo saved…

  1. This was a fabulous story with a happy ending. Must still be a practice for the nurses to take the babies away from the moms. In U.S. you get booted out of the hospital 24 hrs after giving birth and barring emergencies, the baby never leaves mom.
    What I found amazing is that this group of people just went out prowling around to see if they could help. Suppose the pack leader hadn’t recognized the car and decided to get involved? The lesson is not only about the power of social media but also about individuals’ willingness to use it for the good.
    Great blog and posts!

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