Proper Law Distribution

While reading Shirky’s chapter 5, I’m interested with the power law distribution that he discussed. Power law distribution, which is also known as Pareto Distribution and 80-20 rule is a common rule of thumb and portrays the general patterns in social media. 

An example of power law distribution:




Figure 1 showed that 84% of the tweets come from 20% of the users account (80-20 rule). The 20% towards the left are the few that dominate and far more active than average. 

Although the distribution obviously showed an imbalance pattern, Shirky stated that this imbalance drives large social systems rather than damaging them. He further gave an interesting fact that fewer than 2% of Wikipedia users ever contribute, yet that is enough to create profound value for millions of users! 

So, are you the 20% or 80% of the social media users? 

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